Saturday, September 15, 2012


At railway stations and airports and bus terminals one common sight is the sign: "Mind the Gap". It is a caution to the distracted and a reminder to the forgetful. Be aware that you need to ensure your safety and that you do not put your foot where you can get hurt. Today's second reading from the letter of St James and  today's Gospel about Peter recall precisely this warning. The Lord is reminding us that often we can have in our lives a gap between what we 'say' and what we 'do'. This dichotomy creates problems for us as it did for Peter who later denied Jesus despite his awareness that Jesus was the Son of God.

We need to constantly examine our lives and ensure that we are 'bridging the gap' between our words and deeds, between the faith we profess and the lives we lead.

So we have a salutary warning to "Mind the Gap" and ensure that there is a relatively seamless interface between our lived life and our professed ideals. May we constantly ensure this by growing in coherence, transparency and credibility.