Monday, July 28, 2008


This concerns my niece, Simran seen here in the picture.
It has been published in the North East England Young Writers book out last month. We didn’t know until Simran came home with a note from her school teacher. Hope that she keeps it up no matter what she does in the future.
He lay his crystal-blue eyes on the swirling dark lake .
He lifted his magnificent head and soared up into the black of the midnight sky.
The darkness coiled around him and the air grew thick and dry, but the beautiful beast feared nothing as was Royal Swan’s Law.

(By Simran Lajmi – Year 7 – Central Newcastle High School , Newcastle upon Tyne , United Kingdom)


Vincent Castilino said...

Dear Fr Mathew,
Thanks for your comment and more so the honour of being listed on your blog!! What a privilege! Hope it does not lower the standard of your blog!!
I began to blog to keep my mind fresh and looking out for something to READ!! Having worked a full year in the office as the Secretary of the Province, I felt myself sinking in the dust and paper and files and what not! I need some REFILL hence this idea of blogging everyday - just for 8 min everyday, NOT MORE!!
Of course as a good student of Philosohy, Nashik in particular, I've to give the footnote: thanks to the inspiration from Fr Ivo who mailed me his blog sometime ago!
All the best to you!
Still cherish some of my best memories while at Nashik (Divyadaan 1998-2000)
With love,

mattc said...

hi vincent - we have not met but heard a lot of good things about you when i was in mawlai last october...i taught a course in bioethics for the BTh students and one for the MTh students...

currently am enjoying my work as parish priest here in nashik...also dabble in philosophy and psychology...

keep up the you say it can act as a cathartic moment of respite from the travails of a seriously challenging job - Secretary of the Province...

matthew sdb