Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The parishioners of Don Bosco Nashik decided to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in a unique way. In paying tribute to the Father of the Nation, one often forgets the living grandfathers and grandmothers and so a trip to the Nirmala Home for the Aged (which is home to many of the seniormost members of our parish) seemed in order. At 4:30 pm about 60 parishioners – young and not so young gathered at the portals of Nirmala Home and were warmly welcomed by the inmates who were all spruced and ready. The program began with a prayer and then followed an evening of fun and games.

To set the ball rolling the boarders of Maria Vihar presented a Kohli dance. They had the audience clapping and swaying to the music as they gracefully presented a part of the folklore of the Mumbai coast.

Then followed some enthusiastic singing of old time favorites, a dance by Irwin to the tune of a Hindi hit song, some exquisite trumpeting from Bosco Monsoratte and a game of housie. There were also songs from Jim Reeves, Mohd. Rafi, others in Konkani and Marathi, a game of housie and some delicious snacks. It was hard to tell how quickly the time passed and it was soon the moment to bid one another goodbye.

Myrtle Paul, one of the inmates, noted that it had been an uplifting experience for all present – the seniors, the children, the youth and the grown-ups. An evening spent bringing back old memories and enjoying fellowship seemed a fitting way to pay tribute to Bapu.

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