Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here are some recent pictures of the wedding of Janice and Nigel which I was fortunate to attend. Interestingly the symbol of the butterfly was chosen to highlight the need for a metamorphosis in marriage. Here is part of the "offertory prayer" explaining this symbolism:

"God our loving Father among the many wonders of your creation is the butterfly. The butterfly stands for pleasant change because of its metamorphosis from a less attractive, crawling caterpillar to a beautiful, soaring butterfly. It symbolizes the ending of one life for Nigel and Janice and the beginning of another. Nigel and Janice are essentially morphing in the same way that a butterfly does. Their single lives are over even as they remain individuals and together they are starting a new life. The butterfly also expresses the beauty of the eternal love and commitment that Nigel and Janice have pledged to each other."

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