Saturday, July 3, 2010


Here is a picture of our community taken on the occasion of the Rector Major's visit in November last year.

It is posted here as a tribute to all those who made the last year memorable for us.

The fourth years were not here for a long time but when they were they shouldered their responsibility admirably. The third years were the 'go-fer' guys...always stepping in to help smooth things along. The dedication of the four house capos will be hard to emulate. The second year students were also able to do their bit. Finally, the first years - 'benjamins' proved to be able to handle their share of community chores well.

It's upto someone else to speak about the staff but without boasting I think it fair to say that led by the rector, it was a well-knit team that carried and animated the community challenging each to give their best. Au revoir, Arrivederci...Godspeed to those who have moved on...Till we meet again: Go with God...

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