Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday we laid to rest Sr. Prisca Thangkhiew FMA. She passed away on 6 May 2011 - the Feast of St Dominic Savio and the First Friday of the month of May. Her last words were: "Thank you". She was a perfect example of one who always lived up to her name, expressing her gratitude for every little favor done to her.
She had an angelic smile and a very kind heart. Perhaps the current "greeter and smile-giver" at the Pearly Gates asked the Lord for some help and assistance. Seeing the "crying need" the Lord decided that Sr. Prisca was the best person for the job. And then recently she had been suffering much - a fall and some broken bones taking a heavy toll on her. So, a two-in-one solution was found. Freeing Sr Prisca from all her earthly ailments and helping the good souls entering Heaven to feel welcome.
Thank you Lord for giving us Sr Prisca - thank you also for taking her away from suffering and pain. But honestly Lord you could have warned us that you were taking her. Yet, we surrender to Your Will and we know that She will be at peace in heaven and bring much joy and happiness there with her smiling kind ways. We will miss you much Sr Prisca...but we will try to give more smiles and express more kindness and gratitude to others in tribute to you. Adieu till we meet again!!!

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