Thursday, June 23, 2011


Two little children (a boy and a girl who are siblings) were left behind after school yesterday. School ended by 3 pm. When no one had come to fetch them by 4 pm, the school authorities began calling the numbers given in their handbook. The teachers and school authorities found that the phone numbers in their handbook were not in service. And so the teachers waited and the children waited. Fortunately, there is a boarding attached to the school and the sisters were able to take care of the children. Also, being brother and sister they were supportive of each other. The parents came looking for the children after 11:30 pm by which time all gates were closed and lights were out.

I met the children this morning after my mass. They were rather quiet but did not seem too perturbed exteriorly. However, the other children who were with them told me another story. Both of them were sad and hurt that their parents and grandparents had not come for them. They had put up a brave front but I guess they were traumatised by this "abandonment".

While we may not pass judgment on the parents, who I am told are busy running two businesses, my concern is for the children. What are they feeling right now and how is this going to affect their relationship with their parents in the future? Lessons aplenty to be learned for all of us - parents, teachers, school authorities and those who care about what is happening in our society today...

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