Monday, August 4, 2008


The buzz is all about "AIDS 2008 - XVII International AIDS Conference" running from 3-8 August 2008 at Mexico City. So here are a couple of posts on this conference. Let me begin with a post providing the link to a crucial document. It is entitled: UNESCO Guidelines on Language and Content in HIV and AIDS-Related Materials. This is a useful tool to consult for anyone dealing with the topic. Its principal concern is helping people to use the right terminology on issues connected with HIV/AIDS.
"The words we use reflect our understanding and influence our response. The complexity and sensitivities that surround HIV and AIDS make it all the more important to reflect on the words we use and choose them with care."
So if you have some time on your hands - open and read this document. I am sure it will open your mind not just to speak right but also to think right.
The person using compassionate words will sooner or later become more compassionate. Let us hope that the conference becomes the launching pad for many ventures that will help "Make HIV/AIDS History".

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