Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Every now and then I find myself hearing someone talk (a sermon or a conversation) but not listening. As a priest for some years now I have had the odd occasion when I truly felt like I was talking to deaf people during the homily. Most of them were people with perfect hearing but the absence of any will to listen.

But this Sunday I had a truly amazing experience. I concelebrated mass with 12 other priests for a group of about 60 children in a school for those with hearing and speech difficulties. I have never seen such an eager group of listeners. Some had their eyes glued to the celebrant's lips (as they lip read his words) and others concentrated totally on the sister who was "signing" the words of the liturgy. What rapt attention! What total concentration! When the time came to sing they belted out the songs with deep conviction many of them also signing the words with their hands.

And I prayed the Lord to open my ears to listen better to all the wonderful messages that I hear daily.

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Roymario said...

Is it the same as many people seeing your blog but very few actually reading ???