Wednesday, December 16, 2009


D-DAY arrived on Sunday 13 December. After an early wake up and a quick breakfast we made our way to Seling where the ordination was to be held. Our journey which began at 7:15 am came to an end an hour and a half later. The road was smooth and the going easy. Actually Aizawl is not very far from Seling. It is just the next hill but the time of travel is all about descending from one hill and climbing up the next. When we arrived hectic preparations were on to get the last-minute arrangements into place. We had a chance to take a quick peek at the work done by the SDBs especially the school and the church. The ordination ceremony began at 10:30 am and it has been described earlier. After the mass we had time to greet some old friends - SDBs and other religious before moving to the parish house for a quick festive lunch.

By 1:30 pm we were ready to travel again, this time retracing our steps on our homeward journey. Fr. John Zosiama stayed behind for various pastoral services that he will render in his native land. He will also spend some time with his loved ones before returning to SHTC in late January. We had two new travelling companions - Srs. Nildalin and Janicia - both FMAs travelling to their convent in Vairengte. We had a brief stopover for tea at Peace Home where we also picked up some quilts for our community.

By 4 pm we began the descent. This time the going was fast and by 7:45 pm we had covered the journey to Vairengte. Sr. Celestine Thyrniang fma awaited us with a lovely supper to replenish our tired bodies. She was also happy to see her two community members - they had provided some very interesting company for the first leg of the journey. After supper we continued towards our final destination for the day - Don Bosco Silchar.

Leaving Vairengte at 9 pm we arrived at Silchar at about 10:45 pm where Fr. Sebastian Palatty - the Rector and Headmaster awaited us with the keys to our rooms and we needed just a few minutes to bathe and retire into dreamland.

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