Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We rose early on Saturday 12 December to join the Silchar community for the eucharist at 7 am. The prayerful and devout participation of the hostelites (boys and girls) led us to think that they were all Christians, and it was only at the time of receving communion that we realised only a few of them were Catholics. Soon after breakfast we took a walk around the campus visiting the school and the technical institute and admiring the work being done in this corner of India.

By 9:15 am it was time to hit the road again and to begin our climb into Mizoram. The last part of the Assam road is still being done up - a four-lane highway is in the pipeline, which means the current state of the road is far from satisfactory. In an hour we found ourselves climbing into Mizoram. One of the unique features of the state is that houses are built along the road - often with very little other free space available. This also means that the road is the centre of business, the playground, the place for socializing etc. Drivers beware! The drive was cool and pleasant, the road till Kolasib was smooth in general.

We halted for lunch at Kolasib by about 1 pm. Most of the town had gathered in the centre to welcome and felicitate 3 wrestlers from the area who had won laurels in recent competitions. So security was tight and we heard the program begin with a prayer - not surprising if one remembers that Mizoram is one of the states with the highest percentage of Christians in India. One young man belted out with amazing talent "We are the Champions" ala Freddie Mercury from Queen. Well we had to tear ourselves away from the function for the road beckoned us onwards. The section from Kolasib to Aizawl was rough in parts and the last 20 kms were on a very narrow and winding road. It called for the driver's utmost concentration.

Starting at about 2 pm we reached the outskirts of Aizawl by about 4:30 pm and our first stop was at the home of the sisters of Fr. John Zosiama. We were welcomed by a cup of hot tea and met some of the other family members of Fr. John. We then drove on into the city of Aizawl and took in the various sights ending our tour at the Cathedral - a beautifully constructed Church, with taste and artistic value.

Finally we drove back to Durtalang where we turned into "Peace Home" - a centre for women who seek detoxification from addictions - belonging to the MSMHC sisters. We were welcomed by Sr. Rose Pythei and her team. After a quick wash we sat down to an enjoyable supper. After supper and a long chat with the sisters we retired to our room for the night. Our beds were made with quilts and blankets for unlike Silchar, Aizawl and its environs get pretty cold at night. After a long chat with Fr. Mattachan who had also come in for the ordination we hit the sack.


illusionaire said...

lolz, you happened to be in Kolasib during the big fight? Lucky you! Many of us currently staying outside Mizoram would kill just to witness that fight.

Glad you had a memorable experience. And hope you get to see some of the beautiful tourist spots filled with serenity and tranquility. :)

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