Thursday, December 17, 2009


It dawned bright and clear on Monday 14 December and once again we joined the eucharistic celebration of the community in Silchar. We had a sumptuous breakfast with the community and left for Shillong by 9 am. The first part of the journey was what we were anticipating with foreboding, for we would have to traverse the same dirt track that had horrified us on the first day. After negotiating the rest of the road which was not too good we arrived by 10:30 am at Kalani and then moved onwards slowly towards the border of Meghalaya. The daytime crossing proved to be a mite easier than expected. But truth to tell the sorry excuse for a road seemed interminable. One also wonders how such roads can continue to exist in this day and age, where roadmaking has taken giant strides of progress. One only wonders at the governmental ineptitude that allows roads to deteriorate to this condition.

Once the dirt track was over the going proved to be very easy even though it was a climbing path we were on. The kilometers flew by and by 1 pm we found ourselves once more at the outskirts of Klehriat. We decided to dine at a small restaurant just outside the campus, since we had not been able to inform the community of our arrival. The food was delicious and we also had some time to meet the confreres and to freshen up for the last lap of the journey.

Leaving Klehriat at 3 pm we continued our journey passing the infamous Ladrymbai - a shanty town that has sprung up overnight along the road with very poor facilities of hygiene and a worn out road. From there it was quick time to Jowai where the traffic was intense. The light was fading and the line of trucks going on our way was interminable but Ajay was able to maneuver skillfully and by 6 pm we entered Shillong. Of course the evening traffic made further progress difficult and we reached SHTC only at 6:45 pm. It was the end of our trip - hectic, enjoyable and safe. We raised our minds and hearts to God in gratitude for taking us on the long journey without any major hurdles and for returning us safely home without too many aches and pains.

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